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 Tyler smirked over at Reid as the brunette next to him slid her eyes over his body.  "Hey, Reid, Tanya's checking you out."  He elbowed the older boy.  "You could have a whole harem following you around if you wanted."  He smirked again and fell silent as their teacher entered and settled himself in his chair to zone out.
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Reid stared at Tyler in shock, in anger, he didn't know which. After...Jesus, had it only been the past three days? IT felt like forever. But after all of it, Tyler could still accuse Reid of being whore told the blond one thing. That's what he was. It just re-enforced old wounds, left to fester and grow. He heard the teacher vaguely, in a weird kind of distant way and frowned at Tyler more. Were they right then? Was that all Reid was good for? He'd heard in the hallways rumors and gossip. But it hadn't bothered him. Let them think what they wanted, why should he care he had his brothers.

Tyler and Caleb, and to a certain extent, Pogue, they were the ones girls took home to meet mom and dad. Reid was for fun. You want a good time you get with Reid Garwin. When it had been written in the boys locker room as well as the girls Reid had smirked and strutted. After all that made him twice as wanted didn't it? But now...now Reid was realizing it only made him look cheap. Cheap and easy. Which he snorted to himself if last night was any indication, he was. Poor Reid. Dirty little whore. He jumped and stared at the teacher when his name got called.

"Mr. Garwin, if my class bores you that much you're free to go."

Reid ducked his head and hoped he didn't blush and apologized, all without his usual snark and bite.
Tyler sneaked a look over at Reid, amazed that the blonde didn't have a sarcastic comment ready for their teacher. As he droned on, Tyler sat back wondering what was wrong. He waited til the last bell rang and stood up, intending to talk to Reid.
Reid was up and out of his seat so fast he knocked the girl next to him back into hers. He ignored her muttered 'Hey!' and grabbed his shit heading for the door. Head down and not making eye contact with anyone.
Tyler followed Reid out, shoving his books in his bag as he ran out the door. "Reid! Reid!" He yelled down the hall at the blonde head. "Wait up!"
Reid ignored Tyler's calls and everybody else who tried to stop and say hello. He finished shoving his books into his bag and slug it over his shoulder just as he reached the outer doors. Shoved them open and started marching across the grounds. No idea where he was going. Just needed to be away.
"Reid!" Tyler ran out the door and grabbed the older boy's shoulder. "Hey, you took off fast. What's up?"
Reid didn't jerk away, exactly, but he didn't let Tyler continue to touch him either. He was too used for that. God, he was fucked in the head. "What do you want, Tyler? I didn't feel like going to anymore classes today, not the first time I've skipped out." He answered, little too much bite behind the words for it to pass as normal attitude.
"Whoa." Tyler held his hands up at his sides and backed a step away. That wasn't normal, Reid pulling away from his touch, neither was the look in the dark eyes. "Fuck, more often than not, I skip with you. What the hell man?"
Reid shrugged, "Didn't figure you'd want to." And he'd wanted to be left the fuck alone. Didn't realize how much pain was actually visible in his eyes, thought he was good at hiding it. "It's not like we spend every waking moment together, Ty." Usually the nickname held all the love and affection Reid felt for the other boy, right now it was just another word. Like Reid was just going through the motions.
"Y... okay. When have I ever not wanted to skip class and still followed you out? If something's up, just let me know." Didn't understand why Reid was standing like he expected to be hit or why he refused to meet Tyler's eyes.
"Nothing's up. I'm in a mood, nothing new there." Reid deflected and turned to start walking away again. Headed towards the woods on the edge of campus. He walked and tried to breathe past the pain in his chest. He needed to get away, before things he'd regret started spilling out. I'm so fucked in the head, I can't even think anymore. Thoughts were swirling around so fast Reid wasn't even sure which thoughts were his and which ones weren't.
Tyler stood near the building, torn between going after the blonde or letting him work off the mood he was in. He waited a few moments as Reid walked off until rolling his eyes and running after the older boy. "You know what, fuck it. This is bullshit. What the hell's going on Reid?" He grabbed Reid's shoulder and pulled him around to look him in the eyes.
Reid snorted, "It's all bullshit, or didn't you know that?" Reid knew he was slipping in to making no sense territory. He was just so hurt and pissed off, he couldn't bring himself to care about anything else right now. He glared at Tyler. "What the fuck does it matter? It's just me." Waved a hand around to emphasize the point.
Tyler blinked. "What the hell are you talking about Garwin? What's with the 'it's just me'?" He brought his hand up to tangle in Reid's hair briefly. "What's going on Reid?"
Reid sneered. "Getting awful up close and personal with a whore aren't you, Simms?" Tilted his head back, looked him up and down. Fought back a shudder at the words. "Of course there's reasons for that right? Horny again already?"
Tyler took a step back, staggering like Reid had physically hit him. "What the ~fuck~. What... what the hell Reid? What's going on here?" He shoved his hands deep in his jacket pockets and watched the blonde, wondering what the hell he'd done.
Reid shrugged, tried to play it like nothing was wrong. Like he wasn't dying on the inside. Might as well shove everyone away, before they left. "Nothing. Just repeating the truth, right? That's what everyone thinks." Reid laughed, "I should be used to it by now. I just thought you were different." His words were whispered by the time he got to the end. He tried to talk a deep breath and couldn't. Couldn't breathe. Refused to let the panic and fear show through the anger and confusion.
"Reid... what? No. You are not a whore. I don't think- Jesus Reid. Why would you even think that I think you're a whore?" He took a step forward, hands clenching in his jacket pockets. "What would even make you say that?" He frowned, trying to work through the blonde's thought processes.
"Then what was the comment on the harem about, Tyler? You think after everything I'm still gonna run off and fuck the nearest available body? Cause that sounds whorish to me. Fuck. I don't know what else I can to to prove to you that I wouldn't do that. So you know what? Screw it. Words don't work and you're not giving actions a chance to sink in, so just screw it. I'm worthless at this shit anyway, why should I bother trying? You don't need me. You just want me. And wanting goes away. So...whatever." Reid said it all in a rush, afraid that if he didn't he wouldn't say the words at all. Afraid of what it would mean to continue the way they were.
"For fuck's- it was a ~joke~. You know, where one person says something and the other person laughs. We used to do that." Tyler stomped off a few steps before whirling around and getting in Reid's face. "I didn't think even you could be this dense. I love you, asshole. Go figure out what that means and get back to me." He leaned forward and kissed Reid, almost brutally hard before striding away from the blonde.
Reid watched Tyler stomp off, "I don't know what that means anymore." Reid turned and continued farther into the woods. Not noticing the shadows getting darker. Too dark for midday. Especially since there wasn't a cloud in the sky.