Fuck Off (ipswich_trouble) wrote in brothers_inarms,
Fuck Off

Sneaking Around

Who: Reid, Tyler, open
What/When: Sneaking in after this.
Where: The Dorm Room

Reid ran a hand through his messy hair. It was still early enough in the morning that he'd have a good chance of being in before Tyler woke up. But he was still afraid he'd wake him. Didn't want to really talk to Tyler at the moment. Too scared that Tyler would know. Would see what he'd spent the night with Caleb doing. Was still jazzed up from using at the store. Was emotionally drained. Didn't really know which way was up.

He opened the door pulled his key out and shut the door behind him, turning the lock softly. Kicked his shoes off towards the foot of his own bed and tried to tip toe past the sleeping figure on Tyler's bed.
Tags: reid garwin, tyler simms
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